if you use a PC for QRQ CW operations with your RIG, please show us the desktop APPs you are using...

Here is mine:   (from this morning's QSO with  w4dbv)

the SPEC GRAPH and SCOPE are showing Brian's signals on my k3s receiver 

the FLrig APP controls the rig from my remote position in the living room...

the lowpass filter shown - also acts as a CW PEAKing filter operating at 680hz...  i have found it to really help out and perform very well as an audio cw bandpass filter 

from CALF STUDIO GEAR - https://calf-studio-gear.org/

this remote system operates at low latency, no delay is noticed from typing on the cw keyboard and hearing the sidetone from the rig    this remote system also operates in full QSK mode...

this system is using Gstreamer pipelines to get the RIG AUDIO back to the remote laptop over ip via an rtsp server on a pi 4 that is connected to the K3S...  the k3s has its own usb sound card, and the pi4 is using the k3s usb sound card as its own sound card....the pi4 initiates an audio over ip LAN/ETHERNET setup and sends the audio to the laptop

the cw keyboard shown is actually on the PI4  and the pi4's CW KEYBOARD sends its CW AUDIO to the RIG's LINE INPUT(same usb sound card) and keys the rig via AFCW MODE on LSB....   to get the cw keyboard to show up on the remote laptop,  "ssh -X" is used to get the PI cw keyboard on my laptop desktop so i can type on it...  the cw keyboard is from Recri Keyer  https://github.com/recri/keyer

the OS of the remote laptop is  Lubuntu 18.04

the laptop is an i7 quad core

the audio engine is JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT

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