Interrupt Modulated(IM) QRQ CW Mode - Live demo on the VLF band

Interrupt Modulated(IM) QRQ CW Mode transmitting and receiving digital information using an analog carrier where the required bandwidth is limited to approximately the frequency of the analog carrier signal. The method is called interrupt modulation and consists of interrupting an un-modulated carrier signal so the interruptions correspond directly to the [CW]digital information to be transmitted. (encode/decode by Reagate sidechain in ducking mode plugin) BASIC CONCEPT SETUP: TRANSMITTER a CW keyer, keys the ducking sidechain port of REAGATE plugin interrupting the 4Khz VLF CARRIER wave according to each CW element's duration RECEIVE the opposite is done, a CW SIDETONE is attached to the upper port of a reagate ducking sidechain plugin, and the incoming vlf IMcw signal is attached to the RX regate's ducking sidechain port, and only when the carrier approaches zero signal strength, does it allow the CW SIDETONE to pass through to the headphones modified from this google patents info: for more info on the setup for this, please see this playllist:

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on March 29, 2024 at 8:24am

Here is an example on the HF BAND of imCW MODE


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