Linux/Ubuntu DIY adjustable QRQ CW Code Practice Sine Wave Oscillator - keyed using MIDI INPUT

BUILT from scratch using INGEN and a bunch of LV2 plugins:

see previous videos about this topic:

also - for even more videos about INGEN, do a search in this QRQcw YOUTUBE CHANNEL for "INGEN"

in this latest INGEN DIY video, it is using about the same setup ...except for the final CW AUDIO BANDPASS this video, another INGEN/LV2 construction is made to provide the final bandpass filter for CW AUDIO using multiple instances of low pass and high pass filters in tandem inside the INGEN BOX CONTAINER

NOTE: this INGEN CW SINE WAVE ADJUSTABLE oscillator uses MIDI INPUT to key the APP...

you can adjust many different parameters for the internal INGEN SINE WAVE oscillator, rise/fall time, envelope, volume, bandpass filter center frequency and bandwidth and "Q" Et al. etc....

a video demo of building your own LV2 apps with INGEN:

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