NETJACK - AOiP - REMOTE RIG operations for CW - using AFCW MODE to key the RIG - uses Raspberry pi2b

brief demo showing the setup from a remote laptop's location on how to key the rig remotely from another room in the house uses NETJACK and a pi2b as the NETJACK server which is connected to the RIG's internal USB SOUND CARD(ELECRAFT K3S)

more info on NETJACK here:

TRIGGER MIDI MONO is being used for the iambic paddles it takes AUDIO INPUT and creates midi cw output

the midi data from TRIGGER MIDI MONO keys a midi input CW KEYER from


recri keyer also provides the cw keyboard and the PTT APP which delays the CW from reaching the RIG by 18ms, so that a 5555 hz tone can get the rig into TRANSMIT MODE before the CW tone arrives at the rig(over ip/netjack) the 5555 hz tone is very low in volume and way over the brick wall low pass filter of the RIG which is set to stop anything above 4Khz, so none of the 5555 hz gets transmitted, but it gets the RiGs PTT to activate fully before the CW TONE(afcw) arrives at the RIG's line input for TRANSMIT out on LSB

DUCKA MUTES THE RX AUDIO, so that only the local sidetone from the paddles is heard at the remote OPs laptop position

to operate the PADDLEs, a USB sound card with 4 inputs/4 outputs is used on line output 3 a sine wave oscillator is running continuously ... it is connected to the iambic paddle GROUND, the DIT paddle is connected to LINE INPUT 3, the DAH PADDLE is connected to LINE INPUT 4 so when the dit or dah paddle is pressed down, it completes the circuit from the sine wave oscillator on the line output 3 and sends it to line input 3 or 4 or both, and the RECRI KEYER CW KEYER takes that data (from trigger midi mono) and is able to operate iambic keying

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