Pulse Density Modulated CW(PDM-CW) by CW KEYBOARD sending binaural beats via 2 sine wave oscillators

in AFCW mode, a CW KEYBOARD keys 2 sine wave oscillators at 1500 hertz & 1520 hertz, the beat frequency creates the PULSE DENSITY MODULATED CW beat frequency that will become the PDM-CW TRANSMIT SIGNAL sending to the TRANSMIT INPUT on LSB at 1500 hertz(AFCW MODE)

on RECEIVE, trigger midi mono will decode the pdm-cw'D - "broken" CW notes, and create a FULL CW NOTE midi output that keys a final midi input CW CPO app with adjustable pitch, rise/fall time, envelope etc...

RECRI KEYER provides the KEYBOARD and filters and CPO apps https://github.com/recri/keyer

TRIGGER MIDI MONO https://lsp-plug.in/?page=manuals&section=trigger_midi_mono

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