QRQ CW Keyboard for the iPHONE using an EMF induction coil to iPHONE Microphone interface: LIVE demo

iCW example, to send CW with a QRQ CW Keyboard on the iCW Mumble Server


concept - @8Khz was found to be a peak iPHONE MIC frequency pick-up from the EMF COIL by using an audio oscillator to test which frequency is transferred at the highest volume from the CW KEYBOAR/EMF COIL to the iPHONE Microphone to MUMBLE INPUT then anyone receiving the 8Khz QRQ CW KEYBOARD signal that is listening in the same Mumble channel that the iPHONE is transmitting in...can easily DEMOD/convert the 8Khz to 700 hz(or any pitch) by using a RECRI KEYER SDR APP(s) https://github.com/recri/keyer

on the iPHONE speaker, mumble output, you can still hear "normal" CW from the other iCW OP at the typical 700hz cw pitch and it won't interfere and cause feedback by going back into the iPHONE MIC, if the other Mumble OP's RECEIVER is using filtering to only RECEIVE 8khz on their mumble client RECEIVE section/ and demod it to their own particular preferred morse code audio pitch ... the 8Khz receive isolation filtering will keep out the normal iPHONE mic frequencies very well... so house noises, tvs, radios, and kitchen dishes clanking...will not cause significant QRM from the iPHONE MIC being on ..the EMF COIL will be the primary input source for the iPHONE MUMBLE audio input...

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