QRQ CW on VLF band @5Khz @75wpm: alternative RX method using a soundcard SDR and HiGH "Q" antennas

with high Q antennas systems for RX/TX there is too much ringing & cw element elongation for good copy retrieval from the SDR down conversion from 5Khz to CW AUDIO... an alternative to straight mixing is to REGENERATE the CW from its unusable ringing cw elements...however, the elements volume peaks have to be equalized in volume by a DSP PLUGIN - a LIMITER - in order to provide a good cw audio source for the CW REGENERATOR INPUT apps ZAMGATE SIDECHAIN GATE & a pure sine wave oscillator see here for more info on the CW RE-Keyer system used in this demo: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfFan4sDonOdFGeEDASG8tcadafH...

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