Raspberry PI CW KEYER - CW Keyboard, Rig control & Log book- all with FLdigi

this video LIVE demo is using a Raspberry PI 2b and FLdigi together as a CW KEYER, remote rig control AND a logging book...

- FLdigi does it ALL !

- this setup does not tax the pi's cpu and runs perfectly

the first part of the video demo's receiving a station on 40 meters and changing some of the knobs on the k3 via FLrig, RF GAIN, volume, power, cw filter bandwidth etc... using the K3S's USB to SERIAL PORT feature FLrig picks up that Elecraft USB to SERIAL PORT device easily and allows me to control the major knobs of interest for a CW QSO

then after a short session with the receive...a transmit CQ is called out and K9WA answered and the rest of the video demo's the raspberry pi with FLdigi and FLrig & FLlog - keying the K3 and adjusting the K3S's controls via FLrig and also entering FLlog - LOG DATA - during my cw qso with K9WA

for transmitting , i am using an audio derived cw keying circuit...
see this video for more info on keying your rig's cw jack using FLdigi morse code audio tones from your computer sound card
here is an article about these audio derived cw keying circuits:

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