Remote Rig Operations with the Elecraft K3S - using just its USB PORT and a Raspberry PI

LIVE DEMO of remote rig operations for CW using a software CW KEYBOARD, PADDLES and a STRAIGHT KEY at the remote site, as well as VOICE from the REMOTE LOCATION....

The ELECRAFT K3S has its own USB SOUND CARD, it will be used for AUDIO OVER IP and SERIAL COMMANDS over IP
to send and receive audio between the RIG and the REMOTE OP
and to adjust the RIG's control over the USB SERIAL CONNECTION

a Raspberry pi is used as an interface between the RIG and the REMOTE OP....the RASPBERRY PI is going to use the K3S usb sound card as 'ITS' soundcard, and transfer all audio to and from the remote op to the RIG

the RASPBERRY PI will also use the USB PORT as a serial interface so that FLrig on the PI can be used over REALvnc by the REMOTE OP to adjust the RIG's controls

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