sending QRQ CW over IP over MIDI using ASEQNET TCP/IP - 80 wpm test - Linux Laptop to a Raspberry PI

test to see how stable the CW TIMING is at QRQ CW speed * 80 wpm * when using ASEQNET server/CLIENT setup midi over tcp/ip

a MIDI CW KEYBOARD is used as the CW MIDI device from RECRI KEYER

the PI2 takes what it receives, midi data over ip from the laptop, and keys CW out at 18Khz to an antenna ... the 18Khz transmit signal is picked up by the LINUX LAPTOP's mic jack ferrite loopstick antenna, and demoD back to 803hz CW by the RECRI KEYER sdr modules a text file is sent by the LINUX LAPTOP, "ascii to midi data" to the ASEQNET sender...the ASEQNET RECEIVER on the PI takes that midi data and keys its own CW KEYBOARD app from RECRI KEYER with the KEYBOARD set to send CW at VLF DIRECTLY on 18Khz output ...goes to the PI's USB SOUND CARD line output, which goes to an 30 watt audio amp input, output of amp goes to a LARGE FERRITE TOROID Xformer - with windings for both the LEFT and RIGHT channel audio outputs from the PI's LINE OUTPUT usb sound card(12 turns each)...the FERRITE TOROID has 4 windings on its 3rd winding where one side goes to a 2.2uF cap/one end of wire loop... to series tune the 40 foot long wire loop antenna to max signal power output at 18Khz the other end of the loop antenna connects to the other wire end of the 3rd , 4 turn ferrite toroid winding

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