Text Message Encoding @ 200 wpm taking up only 20 hertz of RF BANDWDITH using Extreme Narrow Band CW

RE: ENB-CW please see this playlist here for more info on this new CW MODE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfFan4sDonOf2O3s6PKh4fnDhEXr...

this test setup was put together to see if FLdigi could decode CW at 200 wpm from a micro embedded 20 hertz wide VLF CARRIER wave at 1.5Khz

basic encoder setup a CW KEYBOARD "keys" the ZAMGATE sidechain gate...which is holding back a 1.5 sine wave carrier...that connects directly to the antenna... when the CW KEYBOARD keys the ZAMGATE SIDECHAINE input port.. it releases the 1.5Khz sine wave to pass through the ZAMGATE sine wave port to exit out of Zamgate and get added to the original CARRIER WAVE... produces micro 'bumps' of added 1.5Khz VLF RF POWER ~ ( -70 db )

basic decoder setup ZAMGATE takes the carrier and listens for the -70 db bumps in the RF POWER it is receiving...and when it detects an extra -70 db in VLF RF signal strength, it releases the SINE WAVE that has been holding at its upper port, to pass through and go to the FLdigi capture input, thus cloning/regenerating the original FLdigi CW MODULATION from the ENB-CW encoder... the decoding zamgate sends the regenerated cw that it extracts from the ENB-CW 1.5Khz carrier and sends it over to the FLDIGI cw decoder capture input

for MORE INFO on CW REGENERATION methods, please see this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfFan4sDonOdFGeEDASG8tcadafH...

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