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Current version:ebook2cwgui version: 0.1.1 - January 6th 2013

Here are the settings that I found, showing in the ADDITIONAL PARAMETERS options,

for making good quality CW mp3 files out of text.

Please see FABIAN's webpage for further instructions HERE


The first option is  -T0 (DASH TEE ZERO) is to produce a sine wave tone

The second option is  -s    to set the sample rate to 48k

The third option is -b   to set the bit rate to 320 ( which seemed to have the most beneficial effect on the quality, however it does produce a much larger file size)

The forth and fifth options were RISE / FALL time on the cw edge settings to produce cw keying that ranges from very hard keying to very soft keying.  (at 175, this seemed to fine for my preference )

Here is a picture of the waveform - as a whole, inside the AUDACITY RECORDING APP:

shown with a value of bit rate at 32, you can see that there are anomalies(spikes) and they produce audio glitches


I found that by changing the bit rate to -b320, these spikes and audio anomalies are eliminated as pictured below

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 7, 2013 at 8:13am

-b192 seemed to test ok as well and sounded better than -b128 


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