YPLog CW Keyboard - QRQ CW over the internet test using Gstreamer's OPUS codec with CW audio bandpass filtering

this is a follow up test to the previous video demoN the Gstreamer PIPELINE code for a CW AUDIO BANDPASS filter.

In this video...not only is the previous pipeline used with its CWa audio bandpass code so you can hear your own YPLog CW KEYBOARD sidetone in near zero latency, you can also, at the same time...send that same YPLog cw audio going through the internal Gstreamer bandpass code to another CW OP over the internet - in this example, using the OPUS audio codec to encode YPLog's audio output and send it via UDP packets over the internet to the other OP.

On the "other" 0P's desktop, there is are 2 RECEIVE GSTREAMER SCRIPTs running...one to receive the YPLOG transmit without the gstreamer internal bandpass filter code....and another one WITH the gstreamer internal bandpass filter code...and a DJ SLIDER app is used to demo both audio streams ...so you can SEE and HEAR the difference

HERE are the WINDOWS 10 Gstreamer scripts used:
one script for the OP to monitor their own YPLog audio output with the Gstreamer CW AUDIO BANDPass filter included:

MONITOR YPLog 's audio output on your own sound card with CW audio bandpass filtering with the internal Gstreamer code:

gst-launch-1.0.exe -v wasapisrc device="\{\}.\{2a585bea-c938-449c-b348-2642e72b5a9a\}" ! queue ! audioconvert ! audiowsincband mode=band-pass lower-frequency=500 upper-frequency=900 length=100 window=hamming ! audiorate ! audioamplify amplification=1.9 ! queue ! wasapisink device="\{\}.\{b4378d5f-7e05-42a2-b42a-2a00f63aee2c\}" buffer-time=25000
(NOTE: YPLog is using breakaway's virtual audio cable, PIPELINE 1, as its PLAYBACK device...and Gstreamer will filter YPLog inside this breakaway pipeline and then send it to windows 10 sound card so you can hear it filtered - RealTek HD audio)

SEND CW over the internet TO another CW OP using OPUS CODEC:
gst-launch-1.0.exe -v wasapisrc device="\{\}.\{2a585bea-c938-449c-b348-2642e72b5a9a\}" low-latency=true ! queue ! audioconvert ! audiowsincband mode=band-pass lower-frequency=500 upper-frequency=900 length=100 window=hamming ! audioconvert ! audiorate ! audioamplify amplification=4.7 ! opusenc bitrate=512000 frame-size=2.5 ! rtpopuspay ! queue ! udpsink host= port=3457


RECEIVE YPLog's from the WINDOWS 10 CWop on a linux computer
gst-launch-1.0 -v udpsrc caps="application/x-rtp, channels=2, media=audio, payload=96, clock-rate=48000, encoding-name=OPUS" port=3457 ! rtpjitterbuffer latency=60 ! queue ! rtpopusdepay ! opusdec ! audioconvert ! jackaudiosink buffer-time=60000

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