YPLog QRQ CW Keyboard on Linux(W.I.N.E.) - special method to convert YPLog to Raised Cosine CW edges

PulseAudio is not being used, only the DEFAULT ALSA Sound Card...

the default alsa sound card is an ALSA LOOPBACK VIRTUAL SOUND CARD this Zalsa Command brings the YPLog CW AUDIO into the JACK AUDIO CONNECTION BAY for processing through the alsa loopback virtual cable:

jack_load -w -a zalsa_in -i "-d hw:0,1 -c2 -r 48000 -n3 -Q96 -p 144 "

YPLog is set to send out 3Khz CW TONEs at its CW KEYBOARD audio output port sending a CW FILE at 75 wpm (ZERO rise/fall time at 3Khz)

inside jack the YPLOG 3Khz CW TONE goes through a bandpass filter to create raised cosine edges on its wave shape...

then it goes to an SDR MIXER MODULE from Recri Keyer https://github.com/recri/keyer

which converts the 3Khz AUDIO TONE CW into 720hz CW AUDIO TONEs...

and then it goes through the final 720hz CW AUDIO BANDPASS FILTER

which is what you hear and SEE on the scope and spectrum analyzer on this video demo...

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