YPLog 's cw keyboard - testing a new qrq cw audio filter to help make YPLog's sidetone sound better

YPLog has one of the best qrq cw keyboards for sending cw at very high speeds (over 70 wpm). Its audio output however, could use some filtering. This video shows 2 different types of audio filters used with YPLog when sending at QRQ levels, a cw text file.

1. first filter is a cw regenerative filter that recreates the original incoming cw notes from REAPER's native apps..
- audio in threshold to trigger a midi note out via REAGATE
- a cw audio note synthesizer keyed by REAGATE's midi output
- a cw audio bandpass filter set to @ 500 hertz wide
2. 2nd filter is only the bandpass cw audio filter native to REAPER.

text is sent, and the filter(s) are turned on and off so you can hear and see the difference in the SCOPE and SPECTRUM ANALYZER.

NOTE: the last stage of this filtering test toggles back and forth between filtering YPLog's audio output with CW REGENERATION and just the simple bandpass filter alone...

Note: a few audio cracks and pops got into the video, probably from the computer's audio buffers getting some over or under runs, due to the video software taxing the cpu...(the cracks were not heard on the original audio that i was hearing in my headphones )

This setup is using LINUX MINT 17 and WINE using ALSA sound. REAPER houses all the apps and is using WASAPI EXCLUSIVE mode to connect its audio engine input and output to the LINUX ALSA AUDIO ENGINE.

Text is from W4BQF's article, COPYING CW OVER 70 wpm

YPLog: QRQcw keyboard high speed sending test

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