I am trying to increase my speed. Chuck AA0HW suggests using RUFzXP to send a list of common words at high speed. There is a web site that lists the most common words used in English. . I downloaded both this list and RUFzXP but I am not clear just how to get this program to send me the words on the list. How did you do it Chuck?

Joe KH6/W3GW

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HI Joe

Here is a copy of the email RUFzXP sent to me with the instructions on how to use their program for word sending....

Date: Monday, September 10, 2007 10:58 AM
From: Mathias Kolpe, DL4MM

Cc: support@rufzxp.net
Subject: RE: RufzXP SupportCall
Size: 2 KB

Dear Chuck,

thanks for your mail and interest in RufzXP.
Its quite easy, select "trainer mode", "settings F11",
change "Trainer Mode" from "RufzXP mode" to "personal callbase".
Now "Load own callbase" button is enabled and you may select the textfile
with the English words. (one word at each line)

73 and have fun with RufzXP!

Mathias DL4MM
Thanks Chuck. I got it up and running. Give me some time to get my speed up and than some sunspots and we can have that qrq qso... Joe
I have spent the last day or so getting used to RUFzXP. What a great program. I went to the web site for the 3000 most common English words at


I than highlighted the words, copied them with Ctrl-C command and pasted them on Notepad with Ctrl-V. They were pasted in a column. I than went to RUFzXP and selected Trainor mode, than hit F11. I than hit load callbase and selected the common words file I had copied from the common words website. I selected 'fixed' where it asked for speed and set the 'number of groups per attempt' to the highest number. I than hit ok and than strart. RUFzXP than sent each word at the speed I selected and told me if I typed it correctly. Neat. I don't think there is another program available that allows this kind of practice at high speeds. Thanks for the help Chuck.
Joe KH6/W3GW
Excellent Joe !

I have to agree with you...
I also love the F6 command that will repeat the last word sent
I have been having a problem with Rufz. I have a file set up with the 3000 most common words. I load these up under 'settings' in Trainor mode. I than make a list of the words I miss and make a separate file labelled 'missed'. When I try to load the 'missed' file I get an error message saying
'only unique call signs are allowed'. I have 17 files containing the 3000 common words in bunches of 120 to 140 words each so I label the missed file 'missed1, missed2, etc, and keep a separate folder for the 'missed' files but still can't load them. Occasionally I can load one if I keep trying but rarely. There must be something in the program that is fighting me. Any suggestions?... Joe
Ok, I think I worked out my 'missed' file problem. I had been typing the missed words as a column, labelling the file, and than trying to load into Rufz with no luck. It wouldn't accept it. Now, if I type the missed words in a column , copy it with 'CTRL-C just like I did with the 3000 common word lists, and than past it on a new notepad page, label it, and than try to load it into Rufz, the program than accepts it. So off I go again... Joe


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