Is there a way to download the MP3 of Last Nights CFO Net?

Much of my time is spent off-line on airline flights and in offices where I can't stream audio or video.  I'd like to take along copies of the CFO Nets in MP3 format to practice but the home page link is a Flash link and not direct to the MP3 file.  Is there an easy way to grab the MP3 file and download it to load on my MP3 player?


Thanks & 73 - de Jim KA0IQT


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Hi Jim,

I have a few of them in my personal "cloud storage".

Here are links to the CFO NETS that i have so far:









Chuck -

Thanks for the links.  I'm at DFW airport this morning and downloaded the files to listen to on my trip.  All the best for a happy holiday season and a great new year.

73  de Jim KA0IQT


Hi Jim,

just added another CFO net recording from last night's CFO net

to the list above...

- CFO net 6 -



Chuck...I have built up a collection of Mp3 files that I loaded onto my portable Mp3 player. I used Fldigi to generate the files after I used your 'spaces instead of punctuation' technique. I varied the speed of the recordings from 50 to 65 wpm to push myself. These tapes, the FOG, and the iCW  net are my means to increasing speed. I also loaded the QRQ QSO recordings from years ago that are available on the site as well to give me a feel for real QRQ QSOs. When I travel, my portable Mp3 player lets me get some practice in while waiting in airports and sitting on the plane. Maybe we could set up a library on the site for others to down load practice tapes?

Joe from Maui


Hi Joe,

...thats a great idea...

- building up an extensive QRQ mp3 library from any one wishing to contribute -

i will see what can be done about that !



Hi Chuck!

Thank you for the MP3 recordings! It was very enjoyable.

73 Imi HA7AP

Hi Chuck,

Thank you for the recordings, I have put them onto CDs and I listen to them in my tractor when I am at work, it helps to pass the time and they are great to listen to,

73 Rich G4FAD

Thanks Imi and Rich for your feedback,

glad that you are enjoying the CFO mp3's.



Just added another CFOnet recording to the download list:

CFOnet 7 from 2-28-2012


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