I'm looking for a good text-to-CW player that will do QRQ speeds. I've been using MorseGen but it tops out at 60 wpm. I also tried fldigi but it crashes my computer due to soundcard driver issue. I do use ebook2cw to make mp3 files but I want a live text-to-CW player also.

So, what is the best program? It would be nice if I could adjust rise & fall time parameters but any program (hopefully freeware) that has a good QRQ sound will probably do the job for me. Thanks!


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I had the same problems with Fldigi and my just bought Acer laptop. The dreaded 'blue screen of death' kept popping up. I thought my 'new' computer would have an up to date audio driver but it didn't. All my problems went away when I went to my audio drivers website and updated it.

Fldigi generates the best sounding CW from text, in my humble opinion. I just plug the text into the 'transmit' field and than toggle the lower right hand corner T/R button. I can even make Mp3 files to download onto my portable Mp3 player so I can listen to CW while walking, sitting in airports, etc. The details are described at:

If Fldigi just isn't working for you try 'CWtype'. It is available on the internet. I can copy and paste text into its transmit window, hit transmit, and it generates CW to listen to. I have not tried making mp3 or wav files using CWtype, but I bet it is possible.

Joe KH6/W3GW
Thanks Joe, I just tried CWtype and it works well.

FWIW, my computer is a Dell Dimension 8400 with Sound Blaster Live 24-bit sound card. The driver that Fldigi won't work with is P17.SYS. There are apparently no updated drivers for this so I guess it isn't possible to use Fldigi with this setup.

Hi Drew,
I just got an email from Dave, the author of FLdigi and he has the same sound card as you
and he says it works just fine:(i sent him your bug report for FLdigi)
"I have a sound blaster live 24 installed in my dual boot Ubuntu / Vista system. Both work just fine.

if there is another program using the same sound card, sometimes that will throw an error, or if the sample rate is above what the sound card can do, DIRECT SOUND vs MME etc... both input and playback selections....can all produce conflicts if there is another program using it, or if something does not match up correctly...

Do you have a screen shot of your FLdigi modem sound card option selection for device and sample rate you could post here ?

I think you should be able to get FLdigi working on your system according to the the author of the program.
Hi Chuck,

Here are some details about my FLdigi setup; you can pass them on if you like:

My PC is Dell Dimension 8400 running WinXP SP3. FLdigi is ver 3.20.15.

Right after installing FLdigi I navigated to the "Port Audio" section in the configuration. It lists my Sound Blaster Live 24 sound card as both audio input and output device.When I click on the Port Audio check box to select it the BSOD comes up with the following details:

STOP 0x...D1 (0x...28, 0x...8, 0x...0, 0xF61062F9)
P17.SYS - Address F61062F9 base at 460E6000, DateStamp 40c68f2a

I didn't make any other configuration changes in fldigi. Merely selecting Port Audio crashes it.

I don't know much about sound card stuff. I have heard that the Dell-supplied cards are not necessarily identical to the retail versions of the same name; maybe that has something to do with it.

This isn't critical for me; just wanted to listen to text files in QRQ CW and was curious to hear how it sounded in fldigi. But if there is a simple suggestion or two on how to get it working, I will try them.
Hi Drew,
I sent your info over to Dave and will see what he has to say about it...
In the mean time, you might try DIGITAL MASTER 780 to send text files...
It is a program for CW and other digital modes from the HRD boyz...
It is also a "port" of FLdigi code, and will have some of the same excellent quality cw features..
Another option would be to try FLdigi inside VITUALBOX vmWARE while using the
puppy linux live cd. Dave has downloads of FLdigi just for puppy on his site: FLdigiPETfiles
The dotPET files auto-install so you just download and "click" to install...
while you are in the PUPPY LINUX LIVE CD. I have tried this many times and FLDigi works great on puppylinux and virtualbox or VMware or any of the other virtual OS systems.
Ok, thanks for the idea... I have it running now in Linux Mint on USB memory stick. It certainly does sound nice (even though it's not the latest version; doesn't have the edge shape option...)

I will still try to see if I can get it to work in WinXP as that's what I use mostly.
Glad you were able to get it to work in LINUX MINT.
I have two LINUX MINT boxes around here, and was able to download and install the latest beta version from source. There is also a repository from one of the main FLDigi developers where he places some of the latest versions in his repository so you can download and install with 'one click' using the MINT LINUX package manager. All versions of FLDigi have the ability to dial in the exact rise/fall time in milliseconds in the FLdigi MODEM under qsk, although the earliest versions will not have the "edge shape" option


Another program is G4FON's CW trainer available at http://www.g4fon.net/. I have been able to get it to translate text files into CW.

Have you tried an e-mail to W1HKJ about your problems with Fldigi? His website is at
http://www.w1hkj.com/index.htm , I think they have a Yahoo discussion group as well.

Joe KH6/W3GW

I was going to try G4FON CW trainer but the screenshot seems to suggest that the "effective speed" only goes to 35 wpm?

I think this means you can increase the space between words so, for example, words could be sent at 65 wpm but 'effective speed' is only 35 wpm because of the longer inter word spaces.

First, I open up G4FON and on the latest version there is a button on top left that says 'Text'. I hit that and select one of a few text files I have made up from some of the discussions on this website. I get rid of all the punctuation, using three spaces for a comma and 7 spaces for a period. I get rid of all the parentheses, exclamation marks, etc, so I have just text. Than I hit this text file like I am going to open it and out comes CW! I got it to go 80 wpm. Set ' Actual Character speed' and ' Effective code speed at same speed. It is not as nice sounding as Fldigi though.

Joe KH6/W3GW
I was looking for a command line program to call from python due to the many facets to learning code speed(speed, abbreviations, numbers, word length) and to have programs speak code. Morse.jar can be called from the command line with a given text file input. I tried ultrasonic and ludicrous speed for burst purposes and morse.jar delivered. Downside is size of the resulting wav file, but the file can be exported as 8 bit mp3 by audacity. No farnsworth, but I think it is time as a potential qrq op to drop farnsworth anywho. There are definitely some further tech stretches to be found here on this site Hihi. 73

George kfrnro new ham in it fer cw


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