Zen and the Art of Radio Telegraphy: PDF book from Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ

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Personal Info:

Carlo Consoli, born in November, 19th 1969 in Rome, Italy. Currently living in Rome my wife Marika and my son Marco 

IK0YGJ Op. CarloStudies:

Degree in Computer Science, with thesis (click here to download MS Word 6.0 short and complete description of it) and publications in the field of Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing). Actually employed as a professional in the field of Information Technology on a *VERY* large company of three letters, (additional clue: its name is starting with I and ending with M).


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HAM Radio Career:


Member of: INORC 524, EHSC 102, SHSC 169, VHSC 393, HSC 1843, MARCONISTA 700, iQRP 563, AGCW 3193, CTC 777, SKCC 2523, CWOps 574, FOC 1937

I only operate in CW, with all four kind of keys: vertical, paddle, sideswiper, bug (you are the welcome to see my key collection)

  • Started as CB in January, 1989
  • General licence (144Mhz and above) : IW0DKQ (expired) September, 1990
  • Extra licence (full HF) : IK0YGJ (current) September, 1994
  • Suspended ham radio activity from 1998 to 2003
  • Enterd HSC, INORC and Marconi Club in 2004
  • Entered VHSC in 2006
  • Ranked in RUFZ top-speed list (>70 WPM) in 2006
  • Entered SHSC in 2008
  • Entered EHSC in 2009
  • Entered FOC, CWOPS in 2010
  • Appointed Member of INORC Board of Directors for 2010-2013
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I published several articles devoted to CW and its art in the Italian Ham Radio Magazine RadioRivista (ARI Web Site).


In 2008, I wrote the book "Lo Zen e l'Arte della Telegrafia" (Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy):


Download the English edition here:


Radio equipment:

  • Yaesu FT920
  • Yaesu FT817 for portable ops / camper van
  • Eco 7+ vertical multibander HF 40-6 mt
  • SGC 239 +  long wire
  • Diamond X-200 vertical twibander VHF-UHF



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ik0ygj Ham Shack

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IK0YGJ Op. Carlo
Comment by Brett Miller on March 6, 2011 at 1:21pm

Zen and Art... really nice book, I started reading it a few days ago one afternoon, and I couldn't put it down...read the whole thing in 2 or 3 hrs.  Very nice, and I learned a lot from it, although I believe the plateaus you mention are created by ops who place an artificial ceiling of limitation upon themselves and can be avoided by careful study and practice. 


Great book, which pays attention to the emotional and physical well being of the cw practitioner...as well as his centered mental state.  The Star Wars analogy is so true as well, since you need to concentrate, yet not so hard as to obsess on every element and sound.


Your book will have a permanent place next to that of Pierpont (and the 5-Star papers) in my collection of inspirational material.





Comment by Brett Miller on May 8, 2012 at 11:40am

Once again, Carlo, bravo!   You have created a work which pays attention to every single element which is essential to the practitioner of QRQ and CW as a whole.  True mind-body-spirit whole package training regimen.  ...when I say "spirit", of course, I am referring to the unconscious mind, which controls many emotions which can be both a friend and a foe to copy.  This is something very relevant to my own experience.


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