I bought one of the 9A5N Iambic Solid State Paddles at last year's Dayton. The paddles use a MEMs device and do not move. They are adjustable between 10 grams and 50 grams of pressure using a pushbutton on the side of the paddle. I like my paddles to be set at about 20 grams which was a very easy adjustment and verified with my dynamometer. While it initially seemed strange that the paddle levers didn’t move, it didn’t take long until I was completely comfortable with the “feel” of the paddle at my top CW speed. The only downside is that they auto power off to conserve the batteries after 40 minutes without use, and I sometimes forget to turn them back on if I haven't been sending for a while.

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Comment by Ron Smith on June 9, 2015 at 6:12pm

Looks to be a very nice key.  No moving parts should hold setting a feel very well.  Nice.

Ron N7RD

Comment by Marc Veeneman on December 21, 2015 at 5:01pm
I've been comparing the 9A5N paddles to the finest I found in my 1 year quest for a mistake-proof key. Runners up were: #4 Hamco Scotia, #3 K8RA single lever, #2 Bencher Hex & Bencher Mercury, #1 Schurr Profi II. But the 9A5N likes me best and all 40+ of my test subjects will be offered at swap meets beginning in March.

For my FISTS and SKCC contacts, I've asked Neno (Nenad Rotter) to make a straight key with the same mechanics. I turned his single lever paddle on its side before asking. It will do in a pinch but looks funny.


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