Amazing new PC software audio mixer for HAM RADIO - Voicemeeter PRO

Incredible new software audio mixer for your PC - Voicemeeter Banana

You have 3 hardware inputs and 2 virtual audio cable inputs to work with

you have 2 outputs for 2 different sound cards at the same time

you have 2 virtual audio cables that are included for input and/or output

you have ASIO SUPPORT for both input and output

Voicemeeter has its own ASIO DRIVER too

you can mix all audio together for that "perfect" setup

you can use VST PLUGINS for any VST EFFECT or VST instrument

Voicemeeter has its own audio recorder...1 click to record

- for HAM RADIO this is a MUST TRY application -

take all the audio from your RIG and to your RIG and control everything going to and from your radio just like a hardware audio mixer and even use DSP PLUGINS to help process any and all audio just like hardware filters...there are tons of free vst plugins that can perform with the same ability as hardware filters that function as COMPRESSORS, GATES, EQ, AGC, AUDIO PEAK FILTERS, BANDPASS FILTERS, NOTCH FILTERS, SCOPES, FREQUENCY ANALYZERS, FREQUENCY SHIFTERS, TONE GENERATORS...etc

- you can do all this and more with Voicemeeter -

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