ATTENTION: QRQ CW NET OPs - can't hear the other OP(s) ? then use this FREE websdr setup and send the weblink

if you are using WEB SDR's to hear the other OP,   and don't like the long delay, try setting up a local web sdr using the following video's method and the free STREAMMyAUDIO service...then you can simulcast your TRANSMIT CW SIDETONE to your headphones AND this free STREAMING SERVICE so that any other OP(s) can go to the web link on the STREAMmyAUDIO's LIVE web page and pick up your RIG's TRANSMIT CW audio in almost REAL TIME with very low delay...  here is a LIVE demo of this setup in operation: just direct the OPs that can't hear you, to your CW TRANSMIT SIDETONE web server from STREAMmyAUDIO's LIVE webpage

and any/all OPs can listen to you TRANSMIT CW in almost 'REAL TIME '

SETUP for this demo:

created the server using a UNIQUE identifier in the following FFMpeg SCRIPT:

ffmpeg -f jack -i ffmpeg -f mp3 - | curl -s -k -H "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" -X POST -T - ""

NOTE: you can also follow the PROMPTs with the STREAMmyAUDIO download APP and it will automatically guide you through the TRANSMIT to the SMA web server setup

this demo is using this Gstreamer Receive Script instead of the SMA LIVE web page's PLAYER...since this CLI script worked with lower latency in its operation:

gst-launch-1.0 -v souphttpsrc is-live=true location="" ! queue ! flump3dec ! audioconvert ! jackaudiosink sync=false buffer-time=10000

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on April 20, 2022 at 1:43pm

Here is a way to provide your own transmit CW AUDIO server using TCP over IP and a Raspberry PI

brief demo of using an old RASPBERRY PI 2 as a REMOTE RIG CW Keying/rig receiving interface with a secondary function of also providing a TCP AUDIO server so that other OPs can connect to your PI TCP SERVER and hear the CW you are sending(...helpful if they are not receiving your HF signal well enough to copy) this method has much lower delay than using an online WEBsdr

see VIDEO DESCRIPTION by looking below the video on the 'Watch on YouTube' link


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