DIY QRQ CW VLF TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER for Spelunking Loving QRQ CW OPs: Through The Earth(TTE) comms

this video is a follow up video form the 1st one here:

this video demo's the QRQ CW high speed morse code capability


testing an 8Khz Raspberry PI 4 VLF CW transmitter at 8Khz to operate as a 'THROUGH THE EARTH' communications system... using RESONANT TUNED TX/rx FERRITE antennas

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on April 27, 2022 at 9:13am

Here is a demo of using multiple TUNED passive FERRITE ROD ANTENNAS to increase the 8Khz VLF CW signal strength significantly which each additional passive ferrite ROD antenna added, each contributing its VLF 8KHZ TUNEd CAPTURE and RE-RADIATION to the center ferrite rod loopstick antenna that connects directly to the sound card SDR's input    

a test using multiple PASSIVE TUNED FERRITE ROD LOOPSTICK ANTENNA RE-Radiators to increase the VLF CW SIGNAL PICKup of another tuned FERRITE ROD LOOPSTICK ANTENNA that connects directly to the input of a soundcard SDR's LINE INPUT(or mic input) all ferrite rod loopstick antennas are tuned to 8Khz for max signal pickup by adding the appropriate PARALLEL CAPACITANCE

each additional passive ferrite rod antenna 're-radiator' increases significantly the amount of VLF CW 8Khz signal that the 'ACTIVE' Ferrite Rod loopstick antenna(that connects to the sound card SDR) 'hears' and forwards to the SDR software modules that will convert it from 8Khz down to 760hz


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