copying QRQ CW - testing the "Riemann" Raised Cosine Window - to form the CW NOTE rise/fall edges

every Raised Cosine Window that can be used to form the CW ELEMENT Rise/Fall time edges...sounds just a little bit different at QRQ CW speeds...this test was run at 55 wpm using the Riemann Window, and 3.3 milliseconds was also trimmed off of each element to make it just a tiny bit lighter, thinner sounding, between letters...

The AD5DZ software CW KEYER allows you to choose many different types of Raised Cosine windows and even combos of 2 different windows...

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on September 26, 2019 at 2:31pm

Here is another example using the PARZEN Raised Cosine Window to form the QRQ CW rise/fall time edges:

follow up to previous video demoN the RIEMANN Raised Cosine Window...but this time using the PARZEN Rasied Cosine Window at 72 wpm, 727 hz cw tone, using the AD5DZ CW Keyboard


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