Keying QRQ CW afcw mode on a K3S - using a high pitched PTT activation tone & delayed CW tone

Using a Raspberry PI2b and the AD5DZ CW Keying software suite -
The Pi is using the K3S internal USB SOUND CARD as its own sound card too...providing a direct LINE INPUT and LINE OUTPUT from the pi to the RIG and from the RIG to the PI
The PI sends audio to the REMOTE OP via zitaNJbridge...
NOTE: all of the cw keying work is done on the PI, the REMOTE op only needs to receive the RIG's audio from the PI "audio OVER ip" app: zitaNJbridge -
(NOTE: zitaNJbridge is the lowest latency, highest quality AUDIO OVER IP i have tested to date...of all the audio OVER ip apps available to LINUX)

the AD5DZ software in this example provides
1. the CW KEYBOARD - using this command in terminal:
pi@raspberrypi ~/keyer/bin $ ./keyer -start 'ascii@kbd1'

2. the MIDI OUTPUT of the AD5DZ CW KEYBOARD connects to both the AD5DZ PTT delay & the AD5DZ PTT HangTime - using this command in terminal:
pi@raspberrypi ~/keyer/bin $ ./keyer -start 'keyer-ptt@delay keyer-ptt@HangTime'

pi@raspberrypi ~/keyer/bin $ ./keyer -start 'keyer-tone@CW keyer-tone@VOXdelay' -title oscillators

THE CW TONE = 680 hz
THE PTT TONE = 5650 hz

on this RIG::network(LAN WIRED ETHERNET) it takes about 18 milliseconds to ensure that the PTT gets activated by the RIG's VOX circuits via the 5680 hz tone(-22 db volume) the CW TONE of 680 hz is -12 db volume arriving 18 ms after the 5650 tone...
NOTE: the K3S has a brickwall low pass transmit filter that restricts all outgoing transmitted audio to a maximum of 4000 hz(or less) so none of this 5650 hz tone gets transmitted

the VOX DELAY HANGTIME on the K3S was set to its lowest possible setting which is 10 milliseconds.... any hangtime is then produced by the 5650 hz tone if more than 10 ms is needed

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