homebrew QRQ CW 7 Transistor TRF Receiver receiving an AM CW Signal on the LF band at 75Khz @75 wpm

75Khz soundcard SDR QRQ CW TRANSMITTER is built from the RECRI KEYER CW Keyboard - https://github.com/recri/keyer (the AD5DZ CW Keyboard can send directly at 75Khz if your sound card sample rate is set to at least 192Khz)

- CW KBD terminal command = cd keyer...cd bin.... ./keyer kbd -grid 1

7 Transistor TRF AM Receiver is built from the Robert Batey hifi AM detector here:


after the BATEY AM DETECTOR circuit, a 3 transistor audio amp that can power a speaker with full room volume is taken from the audio amp section here:


NOTE: a 10 ohm resistor is used to provide the correct resistance to the expected output impedance that the TRF Receiver would see if using a speaker....a speaker was avoided so that i could use headphones to monitor the MIC JACK audio input that goes into the screen recorder's audio input...so that my headphone monitoring would not be doubled by also having the "live" SPEAKER audio blaring at me too...

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