QRQ CW AM-SSB soundcard SDR VLF Transmitter & Rohde's AM Detector circuit VLF Receiver - LIVE demo

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on June 3, 2021 at 2:36pm

Here is another example using the LF BAND at 32Khz to send AM  Modulated CW and receive it using the Rohde's AM Detector circuit plus a 2 transistor amp - to power a speaker for full volume to be heard in the whole room...


brief demo using the Rohde's AM Detector to demodulate 32Khz AM modulated CW on the LF BAND

CW Keyboard used is from RECRI KEYER https://github.com/recri/keyer

Rohde's AM Detector circuit http://www.pan-tex.net/usr/r/receivers/elrpicamdetect.htm

2 transistor audio amp take from: http://www.stormwise.com/ampage1.htm

NOTE: 32Khz AM Modulated CW Transmitter is using the ad5dz cw keyboard & the RECRI KEYER sdr module "AM-MOD" - with the soundcard set to a 96Khz sample rate


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