Mechanical Switch Debounce software setup for your morse code keys, bugs & paddles, using LINUX NATIVE REAPER

With a morse code practice oscillator and a morse code hardware mechanical straight key - TAPPING THE KEY, and sending an audio tone into the MIC JACK INPUT, this video demo's the typical mechanical switch bouncing that takes place and causes breaks/gaps in the audio tone output...and then it shows a very effective LINUX NATIVE REAPER technique to cure the erratic switch bouncing...

LINUX NATIVE REAPER already has everything you need to setup a software debounce software circuit using LInux Native Reaper's own plugins...with REAGATE performing the debouncing job, by increasing its HOLD SETTING to about 15ms

The LINUX NATIVE REAPER, uses the JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT for its audio/midi engine.
(look at the 2nd comment from Dali to go to the website where you can download and try LINUX NATIVE REAPER) you need 2 files...
the REAPER file itself and also the LIBSWELL file... download and unzip both of them in the same folder.... then move the LIBSWELL into the same folder where the REAPER EXECUTABLE is located...should look like this when your done unzipping:

here is a picture of my jack CATIA connection bay - with everything wired up:
NOTE: system on the left , capture 2, is where the TONE from the MORSE CODE PRACTICE OSCILLATOR audio output connects to the MIC JACK INPUT. The MIC INPUT tone is shown on the SCOPE as the GREEN TOP WAVE FORM, the RED is the NATIVE LINUX REAPER regenerated tone by Reasynth. The apple 12 pole bandpass filter is also a native plugin of the LINUX NATIVE REAPER well as Reagate & Reasynth. Reagate is operating first as an AUDIO TO MIDI NOTE TRIGGER with the GATE INPUT VOLUME Threshold set to just trigger a MIDI NOTE OUTPUT at the input audio from the MIC JACK - volume peak level...

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on December 20, 2016 at 6:12pm

Here is a brief tutorial on how to install NATIVE LINUX REAPER on Ubuntu 14.04(Mint 17.3)

Brief demo of how to install LInux Native Reaper on a Mint 17.3 OS.
(no compiling or building from source in necessary, you only have to unTAR/unZIP 2 files and run the Reaper executable binary)
This is a version of Reaper that is made directly for LINUX using the Jack Audio Connection Kit linux audio engine.

Reaper has its own extensive array of many types of audio DSP plugins that come with the install. Regate and Reasynth are 2 of them that are demo'd in this video by creating a simple sine wave synthesizer that is driven by an AUDIO TO MIDI NOTE conversion technique AND with the same setup, using another REAPER TECHNIQUE, a Mechanical Switch Debouncing technique is also shown.

Here is the download link info:
(look at the 2nd comment from the top by DALI)


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