Ubuntu Morse Code APP - IAMBIC & STRAIGHT KEY, CW KEYER - by AD5DZ - live demo

Demo of the Recri iambic software cw iambic keyer for LINUX working on a Mint 17.3 i7 quad core 64 bit LINUX laptop: https://github.com/recri/keyer

Midi Notes ZERO and ONE are being used to key the dits and the dahs...by using the letters S and Z on the laptop keyboard(usingVMPK)...however, there is info in the docs about using a TEENSY usb to midi sbc board, that you can hook your paddles directly to the TEENSY board and key iambic A or B. through the USB to MIDI cable ....the TEENSY board converts the dit and dah side of the IAMBIC PADDLE contacts into the respective midi notes "0" and "1" over USB cable that connects to your laptop USB port.

another midi hardware experiment for the next test:
Planning on testing AudioTOmidiNOTE conversion from two 555 chips sending an audio tone to the LEFT and RIGHT inputs of the MIC jack...which will be converted to MIDI NOTE ZERO(LeftMICinput) and MIDI NOTE ONE(RightMICinput) and wired inside JackRouter to the IAMBIC SOFTWARE APPs in RECRI...

many other types of midi input devices could be substituted besides the two mentioned in these notes...Arduino boards with the MIDI SHIELD etc... But it is suggested in the Recri DOCS that the TEENSY USB to MIDI board is a very good choice and not too complicated to get working....see docs on his webpage and contained in the download folder

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