Morse Code Copy by Ear Practice from YouTube CW videos - use QUISK SDR, Gate & BP filter - LIVE demo

Morse Code Practice when listening to a YouTube CW video (LINUX version) on Linux, using JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT, with the Pulse-jack modules, using QUISK SDR to select which CW SPEED from the the multiple CW signals that are playing on the video, which one you would like listen to...etc.. hitting the YOUTUBE SHORTCUTS for REVIEW to repeat missed phrases, words etc "j" = 10 second rewind "left arrow" = 5 seconds rewind VLF frequencies are used to create a YOUTUBE VIDEO file with multiple CW SIGNALs spaced at every 1 khz...the QUISK SDR easily, isolates, bandpass filters it, so you only hear the SIGNAL/SPEED you are interested in... for example in this YT Video, there are 11 individual CW SIGNALs playing at the same time, spaced 1khz apart from 1Khz to 11Khz... from CW SPEEDs of 25 wpm to 75 wpm in 5 wpm increments.. HERE are 3 more Multiple CW SIGNAL/speed YT videos for copy practice calf gate and calf filter Linux LV2 plugins are from CALF STUDIO GEAR FreeTube APP - NOTE: jack audio connection kit, CADENCE and CATIA are from KXstudio repositories -

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