build your own MIDI KEYED, Customizable, QRQ CW SINE OSCILLATOR LV2 Plugin, with the Linux APP INGEN

INGEN uses JACK MIDI for its MIDI input(&output) which provides precise timing for the CW elements(NOTE: alsa midi does not provide precise timing as such) This demo uses INGEN which can use all your installed LV2 plugins to create a patch bay array of all kinds of plugins, where, once you are happy with your design, you can save it ALL as just one LV2 plugin, name it, and bring it back up just the way you saved it...and you can change any of the plugins settings and save it again etc... the PLUGINS used to create a MIDI KEYED cw oscillator 1. MIDI TRANSPOSE 2. NOTE(INGEN'S own plugin) 3. HZ to VC 4. AMS Envelope 5. AMS VCO3 6. VCA Exponential 7. BandPassFilter the CW MIDI KEYBOARD used was from Recri Keyer ascii text to midi output module AMS-LV2

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