QRQ CW audio OVER ip test - 24 bit VS 32 bit - uncompressed audio over Ethernet

brief test of 24 bit VS 32 bit uncompressed audio going from a laptop to a Raspberry pi 2b loopback - and then right back to the laptop over Ethernet cables going through router and switches

32 bit has virtual no variance from the original audio source
24 bit does show a wide berth of harmonics generated at the lowest db levels

NOTE: all of the SPECTRUM ANALYZERS go down to MINUS 181 db

the apps used were
zitanjbridge for the 24 bit audio OVER ip
Gstreamer for the 32 bit audio OVER ip

loopback for both - setup on the PI - for laptop input goes right to PI output and the right back to the laptop...so the 24/32 bit encoding/decoding occurs twice in this video test

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