QRQ CW remote Keying a RIG(afcw) at 80 wpm using Gstreamer RTSP server::client scripts - full test run LIVE demo


Gstreamer has its own RTSP server::client scripts...
Gstreamer also has a way to interleave and deinterleave a 2 channel audio pipeline...in order to apply a different tone to each channel for transmit and then de-interleave them at the destination location and... just before going into the RIG's LINE INPUT For TRANSMIT, Gstreamer has its own audio bandpass filters - to put a final polish on the two different audio tones...CW tone at 680 hz and a PTT activation tone at 5555 hz...these final bandpass filters give a level of assurance that what is being transmitted on air..will be as "pure" as possible and will not contain any unwanted harmonic content above or below the CW TONE and that nothing of the PTT activation tone will get transmitted whatsoever... etc...

Here is the TRANSMIT RTSP SERVER SCRIPT used at the REMOTE OP's location

./test-launch "(interleave name=i ! audioconvert ! queue ! rtpL24pay name=pay0 ! jackaudiosrc name=CW ! audioconvert ! queue ! i. jackaudiosrc name=PTT ! audioconvert ! queue ! i. name=pay0 )"

At the RIG's computer the GSTREAMER RTSP CLIENT script
that de-interleaves and separates the 2 channels of audio so that each channel can have its own Gsstreamer bandpass filter included
gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc latency=0 location=rtsp:// protocols=tcp ! rtpjitterbuffer latency=50 ! rtpL24depay ! queue ! audioconvert ! deinterleave name=d d.src_0 ! queue ! audioconvert ! audiowsincband mode=band-pass lower-frequency=580 upper-frequency=780 length=700 window=hamming ! jackaudiosink name=CW buffer-time=50000 d.src_1 ! queue ! audioconvert ! audiowsincband mode=band-pass lower-frequency=5000 upper-frequency=6000 length=700 window=hamming ! jackaudiosink name=PTT buffer-time=5000

the remote op sends 24 bit audio from the RTSP server to the RTSP CLIENT which is connected to the RIG's LINE INPUT and LINE OUTPUT

the Gstreamer Interleave deinterleave scripts are advantageous...using them allows each channel, that has its own tone, 680 hz or 5555 hz, to have their respective audio bandpass filters included in the same script(using just stereo 2 channel gstreamer scripts does not allow the inclusion of these bandpass filters)

the CW KEYBOARD on this video demo sending a text file at 80 wpm ... is the AD5DZ CW KEYBOARD

as in previous video demos of using AFCW mode to key CW on your RIG...this method shown, uses a 5555 hz PTT activation tone sent 19 milliseconds ahead of the CW tone...so that the CW TONE does not have to perform the job of getting the RIG's PTT VOX TRANSMIT CIRCUIT to activate(which takes some time and winds up chopping off the first bits of every CW ELEMENT that is used to activate the VOX PTT circuit etc..)
NOTE: the RIG's internal brick wall transmit low pass filter does not allow anything above 4000 hz to get transmitted...so none of the 5555 hz tone gets on the air...and only has to blocked out at the remote OPs location...which is easily done by a simple audio bandreject filter set to 5555 hz

to hear the RIG's HF RECEIVE audio the RIG's TRANSMIT LINE INPUT AUDIO MONITOR audio..a simple 1 channel Gstreamer audio pipeline is all that is needed going from the RIG's PC to the REMOTE OP's pc..."audio OVER Ip" many many choices for this script ...from LO FI to HI FI ...from uncompressed to compressed and encoded...etc.. in this video example, uncompressed 24 bit, 3 channel audio over ip was used...so that the final audio could be seen individual - of the 5555 hz tone, the 680 hz tone, and the HF RX audio and the RIG's TRANSMIT LINE INPUT AUDIO MONITOR audio could be heard on the 3rd channel

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