QRQ CW - G729 vs iLBC(audio over ip codecs) - low bitrate performance test for morse code

2 low bitrate codecs are compared for how well they sound transmitting CW AUDIO TONES over the internet(FLdigi)...and then how well they do when their original low bitrate cw audio is regenerated using all free software vst plugins

here is a snapshot comparing the original waveforms of the 2 low bitrate codecs: http://i.imgur.com/WxfEvDa.png

G729 seemed to sound better than iLBC...and G729 seemd to regenerate better than iLBC.

2. FLdigi (original source of the cw audio transmitting to the input of LINPHONE) http://www.w1hkj.com/
3. Minihost Modular VST HOST ( for the regen VST plugins )
4. LoudMax VST PLUGIN(used to set the volume to a standard value to prepare it for the input of REAGATE
5. Reagate vst plugin( takes an input volume and converts it to a TRIGGER to send out a MIDI NOTE INSTRUCTION to key the sineCW VST PLUGINS software code practice oscillator)
6. sineCW VST PLUGIN cw code practice oscillator
7 mBANDPASS - used as a final cw audio bandpass polishing filter to reduce further any cw waveform edge noise that is still getting through from sineCW https://www.meldaproduction.com/MBandPass

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