Morse code online CW NET - experimental multi CW OP conference setup using MUMBLE

this video demo's 3 cw ops transmitting over MUMBLE, in the same channel, on iCW at the same time and yet on the receive side, each op's individual audio stream is able to be controlled using this experimental setup using all free software.

3 different cw ops are sending at different speeds and different pitches - 100 hertz apart from each other...
500 hertz
600 hertz
700 hertz

on the receive side, 3 very tight audio bandpass filters are setup
at the above frequencies....followed by an AUDIO TO MIDI NOTE trigger - REAGATE(which also has a bandpass filter set to the same settings) ...followed by a MIDI INPUT adjustable sine wave code practice oscillator - sineCW...each CW OP's cw is filtered individually and then REGENERATED by Reagate and sineCW...
which means you can control how the cw sounds on each cw op individually, PITCH, RISE/FALL TIME, VOLUME etc...

A FREE VST HOST is used to house the free VST PLUGINS
MiniHost Modular



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