QRQ CW on the Raspberry PI - demo of WA0EIR's QRQ CW KEYBOARD app - TWQRQ

Brief demo of TWQRQ(by WA0EIR), running on a Raspberry PI2b
- qrq cw sent at 75 wpm, text is from w4bqf's famous article:

for more info and to request the latest beta version of TWQRQ please write to TED ...see here: http://wa0eir.bcts.info/

there are a couple of mod's to make once TWQRQ compiles from source in order to get TWQRQ to run on a Raspberry PI:
(email instructions from wa0eir)
1. Check your resource file (Twqrq) around line # 48 and 49. Make sure the PA.set line is 1 and Rig.set is 0. The RTC should not be touched if PA is set at startup. The RTC is only used when keying with the Request to Send serial port signal...In PA(pulseaudio) mode, the timing is based on the sample rate of the sound card, and the tone frequency/cycle time.
2. It should have installed Twqrq at /etc/X11/app_defaults/Twqrq. Around line # 43 Twqrq should look like this for PA:

! The next resource will set the device to key - PA (soundcard) or Rig (RTS)
! Set ONLY one to True (1) and the other to False (0)
Twqrq*PA.set: 1
Twqrq*Rig.set: 0

TWQRQ does very well at sending great qrq cw, even with all the other apps running too(especially the simplescreenrecorder)

you need the AUTOSTATIC REPOSITORY(http://rpi.autostatic.com/) in order to get that JACK APPS to work, you also need PAVUCONTROL to choose the correct
module-jack-sink(TWQRQ) This jack-sink is made in the command line on terminal by: "pacmd load-module module-jack-sink client_name=TWQRQ"(without quotes)

Start Jack first, then start pulseaudio in terminal with this command: "pulseaudio --start"(without the quotes)
then run your pacmd command to create a new jack-sink that TWQRQ will use as its audio output....then wire TWQRQ output pins up to the input pins of "SYSTEM"(which is the analogue audio output of the Raspberry PI)

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Comment by Joe on November 16, 2016 at 11:31am

I was wondering when someone who really understood this stuff would come up with a way to put an iCW set up on a Raspberry Pi mini-computer. Way to go Chuck and Ted!

Joe W3GW


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