QRQ CW over ip using Nelly Moser Audio Codec - real-time, low bitrate, low latency encoding/decoding

demo of using the Gstreamer NellyMoser encoder/decoder

for sending Morse Code Audio over ip with Gstreamer scripts


GST_DEBUG=3 gst-launch-1.0 -v jackaudiosrc ! "audio/x-raw,channels=1" ! audioconvert ! avenc_nellymoser ! udpsink host=(ip address of rx) port=1194


GST_DEBUG=3 gst-launch-1.0 -v udpsrc port=1194 ! "audio/x-nellymoser, channels=(int)1, rate=(int)44100" ! avdec_nellymoser ! audioconvert ! jackaudiosink sync=false async=false buffer-time=5000


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