QRQ CW Keyboard for Windows 10 - using the Music Language "ChucK" - demo sending CW to Mumble INPUT

brief demo of using a chucK .ck file, "morse.ck" for making a QRQ CW Morse Code Keyboard APP - for sending CW to the Mumble INput on iCW

https://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/release/ https://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/doc/build/ https://www.cs.princeton.edu/~prc/ChucKU/Morse/ https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/9mnpcp/chuck_strongly... https://audicle.cs.princeton.edu/mini/

basic setup...

1. use a virtual audio cable for the .ck MORSE CODE KB playback device

2. use audio repeater to send output of the MORSE CODE KB to sound card

3. tell mumble to listen to the same virtual audio cable for its INPUT

NOTE: an ADSR module still needs to be coded into the chuck.ck file so that an external audio filter is not needed to smooth out the RISE/fall time of the cw elements created by the morse.ck KB ...the ADSR module provides the RISE and FALL time via its ATTACK & RELEASE settings...

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