QRQ CW test sending 80 wpm over the internet using a free open source VOIP app called GLAZE

GLAZE is a very simple p2p audio app for WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX that lets you easily create a voice chat room, call it whatever you like and you can have your fellow Morse Code OPS join you on GLAZE with just the name of the room. - no subscription required....no logins...no passwords...just the name of the room, and then type in any user name you like...once everyone logs out, the room disappears...

For QRQ copy, a software audio bandpass filter is demo'd with SPECTRUM ANALYSIS and WAVE FORM ANALYSIS shown using an OSCILLOSCOPE and FREQUENCY SPECTRUM app on LInux.

The audio you are hearing is from an FLdigi text file being sent by one of the GLAZE CW OPs at 80 wpm from the famous article of W4BQF,



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