Using FLdigi to adjust TRIGGER MIDI MONO for perfect QRQ CW AUDIO input to QRQ CW MIDI NOTE DATA output - at 200 wpm

ADJUSTING TRIGGER MIDI MONO for extremely accurate AUDIO VOLUME input to CW MIDI DATA NOTE output conversion
FLdigi will transmit a dit at 200 wpm(1khz [green]square wave using FLdigi's RT QSK control), which should be 6ms in length...the TRIGGER MIDI MONO settings will be adjusted to match FLdigi's 6ms dit length, with its own CW MIDI OUTPUT data - instructing another sine wave synthesizer[red] by its CW MIDI DATA to produce a CW NOTE audio OUTPUT of a 6 ms CW DIT on any synthesizer that has midi input ports

TRIGGER MIDI MONO works by converting the FLdigi cw note volume, which TRIGGERs a CW MIDI NOTE output, CW MIDI DATA - for NOTE ON, and NOTE OFF - with the same timing of each original CW ELEMENT's length that was transmitted to TRIGGER MIDI MONO's input audio port ...The CW MIDI DATA output is used to "key" first, a SIMPLE SINE GENERATOR[red], to see how well TRIGGER MIDI MONO output can perfectly match the same length in cw element timing from the original FLdigi CW NOTE input...which should be a 6ms dit at 200 wpm speed

the settings you see on TRIGGER MIDI MONO seem to be the best - to perform a consistant perfect match in timing of the 200 wpm dit CW ELEMENT length timing - each SIMPLE SINE GENERATOR dit is exactly matching the orignal FLdigi CW ELEMENT LENGTH

TRIGGER MIDI MONO's features will allow a very poor quality sidetone to be converted to a beautiful raised cosine wave form by using TRIGGER MIDI MONO's CW MIDI DATA OUTPUT port, to key a 2nd sine wave shaped synthesizer(MIDICW) as will be demonstrated by attaching a 555 timer chip's harsh square wave audio output over to the laptop's MIC JACK sound card input, and having TRIGGER MIDI MONO convert that harsh square wave into a perfectly sine shaped cw note output from the MIDICW plugin(many other sine wave synthesizers could be used too)
NOTE: MIDICW requires a MIDI NOTE of "60" to work
NOTE: for accuracy using other sidetones besides FLdigi, for CW AUDIO VOLUME INPUT to CW MIDI NOTE OUTPUT, the volume & pitch at the TRIGGER MIDI MONO's audio input port must be exactly the same as used when testing FLdigi's RT QSK port...since TRIGGER MIDI MONO works by using the "VOLUME" level of the incoming audio at its audio input port - to "trigger" a MIDI NOTE output - matching the timing of each of the original CW ELEMENTs

MIDICW & Trigger Midi Mono links:

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