This VB-AUDIO VIRTUAL CABLE worked extremely well during my tests with FLDIGI and MUMBLE.  It never glitched or crashed during a - 2 day -  24/7 test - with the FLdigi morse code audio tone output sending CW(from a repeating text file) using the VB-AUDIO VIRTUAL CABLE to connect to the MUMBLE input.

Very easy to setup and use.

- Here are a few screenshots of my setup -

FLdigi - VB-Audio Virtual Cable -

is selected as the FLdigi Playback soundcard

Select VB-Audio Virtual Cable for the MUMBLE INPUT

All audio travels over this VB-AUDIO VIRTUAL CABLE just like a sound card - from FLDIGI right over to the MUMBLE INPUT.  In order to hear FLdigi yourself, however, you will have to use an audio repeater application to grab the VB-AUDIO and send it to your normal sound card.   I have used several applications for this and all of them are free software and do a good job.  





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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on September 9, 2013 at 11:36am

New VoiceMeeter version has excellent low latency performance with dahdidah cw keyer

Using Daddidah cw keyer with these settings:

the measured latency from a paddle handle TAP TEST was about 12 milliseconds...this is excellent low latency performance from dahdidah using its WDM DRIVER for the VoiceMeeter vaio virtual sound card;  also observed was excellent 45 wpm dit stream cw timing - while holding down the dit paddle, and listening to the steadiness of the timing of the rapid succession of dits....very steady...and again , very good  performance from dahdidah

here is a picture of the cw key paddle handle test result

NOTE:  CLICK ON PICTURE for full size view

Here is the VoiceMeeter mixer in action with dahdidah sending a dit stream

NOTE: click on picture for full size view

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on September 14, 2013 at 7:53am


Voicemeeter at last…

September 13, 2013 at 6:41am

Again we had to compile a new version to fixe latest WASAPI bugs...


We have found so many issues in WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) that we have made a kind of classification to describe them. It’s now sure that WASAPI Exclusive mode is not stable by design and can produce different types of bugs appearing even after hours of well working audio streaming:


-AUDIO BUG: Audio Stream might stop, even after hours, we can suddenly get pop and cracks and/or no more sound (application needs to be restarted). A single audio client can stop to send buffer and we can lose an input for example after 4 hours streaming (Audio Session needs to be restarted)…


-SYSTEM SEVERE: Application can crash or be frozen randomly (without any user action).


-SYSTEM CRITICAL: Entire System can freeze and then needs hard reboot. In some configuration we even got BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).



Now we hope Voicemeeter works around all these problems and let you finally take advantage of WASAPI Exclusive mode (bringing better sound quality and smaller latency) on last Windows Operating Systems (VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 32/64 bits).

Otherwise we recommend to use MME driver instead of WDM (begining by one input - it seems WDM outputs are totally reliable).


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