HOW TO SETup RUFz to send a random list of words


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Comment by Joe on May 7, 2008 at 3:34pm
Chuck... I found this helpful. I figured out how to get the 3000 words in the program but setting the options the way you did really helped the audio. It was choppy before and I didnt recognize the words at 50 wpm that I could recognize on the G4FON program when I selected 'common words'. I listen and than type what I heard and try to increase my typing speed as well as my word recognition. Getting my typing speed up over 50 wpm has been tough. Maybe the next step would be to see if internet QSOs would be available for those of us who are interested in QRQCW but can't get any on the air practive due to sunspot low. I have tried using a remote station in Virginia but the transmission breaks up into segments. I have been trying to get my 40 wpm Code Proficiency sticker from ARRL but with me being on Maui and sunspots being low I rarely hear them well enough to copy higher speeds.

Joe KH6/W3GW
Comment by Chuck aa0hw on May 8, 2008 at 5:27am
Hi Joe Glad you were able to improve the audio in the rufz program. I prefer to use the square wave setting with the sliders all the way up on the rise and fall time to get a cw waveshape that does not echo so much around the room with the speakers on, and not too much clicking because of key clicks etc... Also I have found that when you first start a new list of words, it seems to me to go "faster" if I just pronounce the word first instead of typing it. Once i have the list down pretty good as far as mental recognition goes, then I start typing the word. Establishing the brain-cw link first will ensure that you dont bypass the conscious mind in the process and just type out of the word without actually knowing what you typed...

As far as the practice goes on the internet, I am working on that quite a bit and have a few qrq cw ops that have joined the internet cw group. It is very easy to set up if you dont mind a lot of controls and options to adjust in the software. We are using VENTRILO which is a free VOIP program and allows up to 8 people on their "FREE" version I thought if you like, I can set up my radio on VENTRILO so that you can hear the ARRL cw sessions. All you would have to do is
let me know what freq from St. Louis, MO would be best for the time that you listen. I will hook up my audio out from my HF rig and connect it to the input of the VENTRILO CLIENT All you have to do is download the VENTRILO CLIENT and plug in my DNS IP ADDRESS and join the server here, then you will immediately start to hear my ICOM 735 AUDIO.

Also, I can let you know how to get some other people interested in joining you for QRQ CW QSO's over the internet using VENTRILO and a couple of other free programs You can use my server
or set up your own server and have up to 8 people join you for a nice practice session/round table.

There is also a very good way to practice with one other friend using LOGMEIN. You need two computers each to do this however but it works GREAT ! and the cw is AWESOME !!!
PERFECT TONE CW and immediate Qsk.

Let me know and i will email you my server info so you can connect and would love to have some cw over ip with you via ventrilo or LOGMEIN You can llsten to to the ARRL cw broadcasts that you are interested in. I am sure there is a freq that will be good for ST LOUIS....

Comment by Joe on May 13, 2008 at 11:48pm
What a nice offer. I will look up Ventrilo and fiddle with it and let you know. I am back to work now after a one month vacation so my time is not mine anymore. I work as a Cardilogist with a large medical group here on Maui. The idea about doing the W1AW Qualifying run through your rig and Ventrilo sounds great. I tried one of the remote stations in Virginia but there were too many 'breaks' at 40 wpm that would throw me.
Your hint about not typing the common words at first was right on the money. I am moving through the 3000 words a lot quicker and making progress at 50 wpm. I will work on my typing when I get the words down solid just listening. I was too intent on making the little guy on RUFz smile!
Comment by Joe on May 14, 2008 at 11:18pm
I keep a list of the words I miss than put them in a seperate file that I run on Rufz. Neat program... Joe
Comment by Marc Vaillant on August 25, 2008 at 6:46am
Thanks Chuck. Having a "why didn't I think of that moment?" with regards to putting
word lists into rufz :) Since I'm on OS X, I use qrq by DJ1YFK. It be nice if someone put together the list, perhaps also with the most freq cw abbreviations. I might do that tonight if I get a moment.

Comment by Marc Vaillant on August 25, 2008 at 6:47am
That is, put together the list and post it. Not sure if there are copyright issues though.

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on September 16, 2008 at 7:29am
One of the features of the RUFzXP program is a varying PITCH.
If you find that the PITCH varying is annoying and would like to find a way to keep the PITCH the same for every word that is sent by the RUFzXP program...
Please see the following article HERE
There is a circuit described in this article for an external keying interface. It will demonstrate how to take the audio out from the soundcard and use those CW TONEs from the computer to reconstruct a seperate signal to key an external CW TONE MORSE CODE OSCILLATOR of your choice.


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