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QRQ CW 'copy by ear' PRACTICE via an online RADIO STATION(mp3) and via iCW MUMBLE(OPUS) - LIVE DEMO

brief testing and comparing MP3 to OPUS from a CASTER.FM free online Radio Station setup and the iCW MUMBLE Server/client setup

a Raspberry Pi 4 is doing the transmitting to both MUMBLE INPUT and the RADIO STATION INPUT

unixCW is providing the APP to send repeating text files at different speeds and at…


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Christian CW OPs: use your QRQ skills for STEALTH communication with other Christian CWops in countries where Christians are persecuted

This method uses 3Khz VLF RF CW over ip that is encrypted & stealth modulated

using MicroModulation methods to encode stealth, LiVE text messaging data onto an a VLF 3kHZ AM CARRIER wave .. can't see anything, or hear anything - sounds and looks like a 'dead' carrier wave with nothing on it...

METHODS the secret…


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SonoBus + SMART PHONE - as a Morse Code, CW 'copy by ear' PRACTICE, 'audio over ip/WiFi' Receiver

demo of using an iphone as a QRQ CW SonoBus Receiver - to choose & listen to multiple CW TEXT files(up to 18 different text files) being sent by unixCW's CW program from a pi4 'audio over WiFi' Transmitter NOTE: SonoBus, in MULTI-CHANNEL input mode, can send 18 different, individual audio sources at the same time, and the iphone sonobus…


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QRQ CW Morse Code RADIO - Python Radio Receiver - CW 'copy by ear' practice from 20 - 100 wpm

Python QRQ CW Radio Station Receiver - modified from this python script:

sending CW text files on continuous repeat using unixCW's CW program…


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QRQ CW - AM Modulated @64Khz - demod by Rohde's Detector circuit, filter output through W3NQN filter

custom w3nqn QRQ CW filter

Rohde's AM Detector Circuit…


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Raspberry Pi4 QRQ CW text file sending using unixCW's CW program set for continuous repeat - LIVE demo @ 73wpm

TERMINAL COMMAND for sending a CW TEXT file with UNiXCW/cw program (continuous REPEAT)

while true; do (./cw -d hw:0,1,0 -f ur.txt -w 73 -k 48 -t 852 -v 100); sleep 1; done

for unixcw's CW audio output - this script uses the alsa loopback snd-aloop cable(hw:0,1,0) to receive it uses alsa_in -d hw:0,0,0…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on January 2, 2023 at 11:20am — 2 Comments

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