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iPHONE QRQ CW Receiver - over The 5G Network - listening to a QRQ CW signal on the iCW Mumble Server

follow up from the previous video where the iphone is sending cw...

this time, the iPHONE is receiving CW over its own MUMBLE VOICE CHAT iphone APP - but instead of using wifi, the iphone is using The 5G NETWORK...

to test and see how well you can send and receive…


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Near Zero Latency Performance for the HASAK CW KEYER/CW KEYBOARD

testing the HASAK CW KEYER for low latency performance running JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT at  48K sample rate at 2 periods of 144 buffer frames

the CW KEYER from the time you hit the paddle until you hear the sidetone, while listening to the HASAK USB SOUND CARD inside JACK CONNECTION BAY

          is only 8…


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if you use a PC for QRQ CW operations with your RIG, please show us the desktop APPs you are using...

Here is mine:   (from this morning's QSO with  w4dbv)

the SPEC GRAPH and SCOPE are showing Brian's signals on my k3s receiver 

the FLrig APP controls the rig from my remote position in the living room...…


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Hasak CW Keyer: using a QRQ CW Keyboard APP with an audio derived keying circuit that keys the Hasak

test to see how well an audio derived cw keying circuit, like one of these:

can "key" the HASAK CW KEYER's straight key pins...and allow a software CW KEYBOARD…


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Python script to see & hear(or Record) a USB WEBCAM VIDEO & MIC of your CW Keyer's paddles & straight key in action

cool python script i just found for to activate a usb webcam for LIVE VIDEO & LIVE webcam mic AUDIO

Script modified from here:



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Submarine 82hz ELF soundcard SDR, QRQ CW, QRP, Transmitter & Receiver - test run at 82 wpm


CW KEYBOARD sends 82 hertz CW out one of the sound card's line output jacks to a class D 30 watt audio amp... the audio amp output is connected to a FERRITE BOBBIN CORE INDUCTOR COIL (@ 1.8mH) - the output of the 30W audio amp 1st goes to a POWER TOROID TRANSFORMER with multiple windings and tested to…


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