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At 3:37pm on March 21, 2008, Chuck aa0hw said…
Hi Joe
Thanks for joining the site and hope we can have some lively discussions here concerning QRQcw etc...
At 10:31am on December 30, 2009, Jim Johns said…
Thanks for the suggestion about using Fldigi. I wasn't aware that this package was compiled to run under non-LINUX OS but see from the video demo on this site that it will run under windows. I've been using ebook2cw with the -q 1 option and it sounds OK but your suggestion will give me another reference point for cw quality. 73 and have a very Happy New Year.

At 3:13pm on January 20, 2010, Ron Peterson said…
Hi Joe - thanks for your comments - and my pleasure to meet you. Yep - 40 meter band condx were wicked on Saturday - I was happy to hear Chuck at all. I too am using a loop (full wave cut for 40 meters). Thus, it is heavily dependent on having the support of the F2 layer. Being your basic "cloud warmer" I don't hear too many stations "well" outside of 300 miles; so am always surprised when that happens.

Thom (K8IF) and I had a nice QSO earlier in the week with very good signals. Thom being in Northern Michigan, and close to the 300 mile ring of my loop, a good signal level is what would be expected. But, on Saturday Thom's signal was at the cusp of the noise floor.

I'm getting the software installed and look forward to joining the group on iCW.

73 es take care,

Ron / WB2JKL
At 11:07pm on April 5, 2010, Atsu said…
Hi Joe tnx fr your welcome words in Japanese. Simple sentense is OK for machine translation but sometimes becomes much harder to understand hi
73! Atsu
At 6:08pm on March 6, 2011, Brett Miller said…

Thanks a lot Joe!!  Thanks to daily practice skeds with my friend Ralph in Chattanooga, TN my receiving seems to be coming along decently and my paddle sending is getting more accurate as well.  Most importantly, I've really been enjoying it.


I heard about you from W5UX and am really happy that QRQ seems to have finally garnered a thriving community and base for communications.  Congrats to Chuck and everyone involved for making this place happen.  It looks like a lot of sharing of good technical ideas goes on here too, which is one of the things that drew me into ham radio in the first place.  73's!




At 4:10pm on April 5, 2011, Jan Hattingh said…
Thank you, Joe! Also looking forward to having good DX conditions again. I have read your excellent guide a number of times before deciding to apply for membership of QRQcw. Not nearly ready for QRQ cw, but with the aid of Fldigi I have also prepared a number of training exercises to help me get there. Once my ability to copy QRQ cw is getting less erratic, the iCW option would be the next step to take :-)

73, Jan ZS6BMN near Pretoria
At 12:59pm on June 21, 2011, Brett Miller said…



In the other discussion you mentioned a 15m sked with Ben.  I've been having a pretty regular qso with Ben an hour prior to the CFO net, and it's really worked well to get my receiving brain warmed up for the net.


I  wouldn't mind getting in on that 15m sked whenever the MUF is up there and solar activity is right.  I know ten was really open a lot about a month or two ago, but I have been so busy with 40 meters that I really haven't bothered to tune up on other bands a lot lately.  Still, I would love to try and make that sked a 3-way every now and then if you and N6SL are up for it.  It would be a unique experience to have such a long distance QRQ contact, at least for me.  I think Ben told me his Kenwood will be out of the shop in early July, so maybe we can do it sometime after that.


A while ago Andrew told me that you were on the mainland, but I didn't know you were going back to Hawaii so soon.  I guess I missed you when you were here.  73



At 1:11pm on June 21, 2011, Joe said…

Great idea, Brett. Both of Ben's rigs are down with his little Ten Tec Scout only putting out about 5 watts. I am going to send him some MRF 454s so he can get the final up and running. We can all meet on 15 or 10 after he gets the rigs going again. In the meantime, I usually monitor 21055 one half hour before the CFO net get together. I will give you a call at 6:30 PM central daylight savings time on 21055 on tuesdays, starting today. Fifteen meters is usually the best band for us. Anyone else interested is welcome to join us.For the CFO net itself, the FOG nets, and the Saturday nets, I use Icw directly or use it to key Chucks Icom.


Joe KH6/W3GW

At 1:38pm on June 21, 2011, Brett Miller said…


Well, at 6:00 PM Central, I've had a pre-CFO sked with Andrew, which lately he hasn't been able to make very often so Ben has been joining me at that time.  However, Ben will probably have a very weak signal until he gets your FETs, so I will email Andrew and ask him if he can make our sked tonight.  If not, I will QSY to 21055 at 6:30 Central and start throwing your call out there.  Even if Andrew meets me on time at 6, we might be able to both QSY to meet you, but I am not sure if he can change bands on Chuck's server.



At 1:55pm on June 21, 2011, Brett Miller said…

Ok, I just heard from Andrew...FB, I'll QSY to 21055 at 6:30 Central and start listening and calling for you.


At 6:59pm on February 11, 2012, Маrk Kelley said…
Hi Joe and thanks for the welcome wishes. Do you know of any sites or software which would be good for practicing around 50? I'm assuming that being able to adjust the weighting would be a good thing. Is that correct? Is there a good rule of thumb when it comes to weighting? Also, I get the feeling that once you're above 50 your really copying words. With that in mind, it would be cool if there were a practice program where you could build a "vocabulary list," become proficient at the words on your list and continue to grow and expand, much as you would when you learn a language. What do you think. I'm sure you'll probably overcomplicating things, but I'm a linguist and work well in the environment of dictionaries and vocabularly lists. With languages I learn the words and read everyday, starting with elementary readers and slowly work my way up. Any thoughts? 73/Mark
At 11:22pm on February 13, 2012, Маrk Kelley said…
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the wonderful info on QRQ. I can sure understand the value of being able to comprehend words by their individual sounds using some type of vocabulary building tool. Thanks very much for the info. It's with you guys that I'm beginning to understand how it's possible to copy CW at 100 wpm. There's no way I think you could recognize individual letters in an eight letter cluster making up a fiven word. I'm assuming that the same op that can copy words at 100wpm couldn't copy randon text at that speed. Is that fair to assume?
At 1:16pm on July 23, 2012, Ed Kotz - AD7GR said…

Thanks Joe,   I have the sideswiper net page in my favorites... spent hours looking through the keys there.   I haven't yet tried the net but that day will come.   For the most part I am a lurker on these groups, clubs, and such... trying to learn as able.

-Ed - AD7GR

At 11:24am on August 10, 2012, John Tull said…

Thanks Joe for your welcome message. Hope you are enjoying your return home. I just moved from NY to NC about 3 years ago. The weather here in the south is a lot hotter than NY. I guess I just have to get used to it.


At 3:19am on August 23, 2012, Tony Vieira said…

Ok thanks for the welcome Joe. I hope to make good friends here. . Glad to find a veteran like you. I'm a little inactive in radio but we'll see in 20 or 40 meters anytime with the QRM of our bugs ... dádábrrrrrr brrrrrdádá ... (73)! Tony

At 11:38pm on December 1, 2012, David Runk said…

Try Wed eves for CFO net at 7:00pm EST local time on QRG of 7.033

73's Dave, AA3EJ CFO# 1014

At 8:11pm on February 17, 2013, David Runk said…

Due to band conditions, the  CFO QRQ group has moved to 3.533 ,Wednesday eves at 7pm est local time. 73,Dave,aa3ej CFO#1014

At 11:33am on March 15, 2013, Denis Naylor said…

Merci Joe et les mots francaise, mais je suis Anglais et j'habite en France.

I am new to QRQ and hoping to push up my speed, learning lots here. I've just ordered a Rosewill Kbd too!

73 Denis

At 8:04pm on January 28, 2016, Wolf said…

Hi Joe, tks fer the nice chat this morning, hpe hr u agn while driving to work, HI!

Vy 73, Wolf, N7RH

At 3:03pm on June 21, 2016, Mike Zolno, WH6YH said…

Hi Joe,

Just sent a friend request. Seems the page where your article Beginners Guide to QRQ CW has a bad link for the domain hosting it. Do you by chance still have the article, if so I'd be very appreciative if you could email to my QRZ address or to my inbox here on QRQcw.



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