I have been enjoying my Winkeyer from K1EL as a standalone keyer for my Bencher paddles. Lately I have been sending keyboard CW with my computer using programs designed especially for the Winkeyer. Winkeyer  is a very nice kit from Steve, K1EL at:




The C-TYPER program by Al, W6DZ, is in the third party software section of K1EL's site at :





W1HKJ, of Fldigi fame, has a program designed especially for the Winkeyer called Flwkey on his site at:




Has anyone else used the Winkeyer for QRQ CW with these or any other keyboard programs? 


Of course, I have no financial connection with Steve or his company.


Joe, KH6/W3GW

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I saw a Winkeyer on ebay recently and thought about trying it out, but couldn't tell from the documentation whether or not it could be used with a keyboard, so I let it go.  I currently use a W5UXH keyer (one of Chuck's old ones from 2002) and I really like it a lot, but I am always collecting new keys and keyers to try out, and am always game to try something new.  Thanks for the tips Joe!!! 

I've logged a lot of hours on the Bencher By-1 myself, but lately am entertaining this theory that the simplicity of single lever action will improve my error rate in time.  I am sick of worrying about mode B vs. mode A timing, and also I have this problem where at the last minute I will have trouble deciding whether to squeeze or not to squeeze.  It's probably uniquely my problem, but its annoying.  I just bought what I think is the nicest single lever made, so assuming it's adjusted right, any mistakes in sending are for sure my own fault.  Now I can just work on improving my accuracy without any interference from the key.

Hi, nice keyer. Unfortunatelly no RTS implemented... Petr

Hi all,

I recently discovered this nice little soft from W6DZ.

It's very useful to improve your skills, as you can see what you manipulate.

Something lacking is the list of available characters. I found , and . and ? and " but not the others (/ for instance) or the pro-signs. Also, being french (nobody's perfect!!) I'd like to add letters with accent.

Any idea??

Thanks in advance.

Gerard (or Gérard??)


~@ Brett Miller,

You're right./ I discovered very recently the pleasure to manipulate with a single lever (a Begali HST has been lent to me by F6FLF) and I feel releaved, and making progress!

I never mastered Iambic, and A or B mode are prone to errors if you barely touch the paddle!! I use HST in Ultimatic mode, and I'm delighted.



For those interested in Linux, I found a nice soft, very similar to CTyper.

Try "Fl_winkey" which is a standalone part of FLdigi.

It is very nice and more flexible than the very small interface you could find in CQRlog.

Now I use it for all my CW sessions, and I see what I'm sending, which is nice to make progress in sending ability.

But, no, I did not install full FLdigi, so I cannot decode what I receive...other wise it would not be CW, but some kind of digital mode!!

Nice CW to all.



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