August 2020 Blog Posts (7)

send QRQ CW Morse Code Audio over the internet using the Vorbis Audio codec with RTP payloading

the Vorbis Codec with RTP PAYLOADING is used in this demo, to send 60 wpm Morse Code audio over the internet using a VPN server that is located several states returns back and goes to a Raspberry PI 4 Receiver which re-directs what it hears back to the recording PC so you can hear what the PI hears...



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send Morse Code Audio over IP on Windows 10 using UltraGrid, Jackrouter & ehoCW

ehoCW is the CW keyer, since it can use JackRouter as its ASIO DRIVER and work in low latency on windows 10 using the windows version of JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT...UltraGrid 1.6, is the AUDIO OVER ip APP, and it has NATIVE JACK AUDIO support so you can hook ehoCW's audio output directly to the input of ULtraGrid and send it out over the…


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send Morse Code QRQ CW Audio over IP on Windows 10 using FFMPEG & OPUS CODEC - LIVE demo @ 60 wpm

this is a follow up video to the first here:

in this video, we test ffmpeg on WINDOWS 10 and have FLdigi on windows 10 send the whole book of Colossians at 60 wpm to the Linux laptop where the recording is made, and you can see & hear how well it…


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OSC2MIDI demo - QRQ CW test - CW Midi to OSC - OSC over ip - OSC to MIDI CW - CW Midi to CW audio

1st test converting CW morse code MIDI data to CW OSC data and sending OSC over IP and then converting receive OSC back to CW MIDI back to CW audio CW MIDI functions from AD5DZ Recri Keyer APPs…


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REMOTE RIG audio over ip test using the latest version of Jacktrip(1.2) - QRQ CW QSK test at 60 wpm

Jacktrip just came out with a new 1.2 has been under heavy development recently...!topic/jacktrip-users/8XahxQ92_XE…


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QRQ CW "audio over ip" Morse Code Net server using ZeroTier SDN, Gstreamer & a Raspberry PI - LIVE demo with 4 OPs

Brief demo of 4 QRQ CW OPs in conference, full duplex, 2-way, OPUS CODEC, Gstreamer pipelines, using ZEROtier's SDN network ip tables...each OP connecting to the same RASPBERRY PI SERVER and receiving everyone's CW AUDIO a Raspberry PI 4 is setup as a selective forwarding unit(SFU)... so each incoming morse code audio stream goes right back…


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