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Unique iambic morse code keyer using the Jack Audio Connection Kit - software designed by AD5DZ

From: and

a free open source LINUX iambic morse code keyer designed by AD5DZ.

CONCEPT: activate 2 different MIDI NOTE MESSAGES by an external MIDI DEVICE connected…


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Mechanical Switch Debounce software setup for your morse code keys, bugs & paddles, using LINUX NATIVE REAPER

With a morse code practice oscillator and a morse code hardware mechanical straight key - TAPPING THE KEY, and sending an audio tone into the MIC JACK INPUT, this video demo's the typical mechanical switch bouncing that takes place and causes breaks/gaps in the audio tone output...and then it shows a very effective LINUX NATIVE REAPER…


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Ubuntu Morse Code APP - IAMBIC & STRAIGHT KEY, CW KEYER - by AD5DZ - live demo

Demo of the Recri iambic software cw iambic keyer for LINUX working on a Mint 17.3 i7 quad core 64 bit LINUX laptop:

Midi Notes ZERO and ONE are being used to key the dits and the using the letters S and Z on the laptop keyboard(usingVMPK)...however, there…


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Raspberry PI software setup to key CW on an Elecraft K3 - recorded "LIVE" - CW QSO on 40 meters

This video highlights some of the top capabilities of the Raspberry PI 2b, to send a seperate LEFT and RIGHT channel audio signal to 2 different audio derived cw keying circuits in order to KEY the Elecraft K3's CW JACK for STRAIGHT KEY and IAMBIC PADDLES and to KEY the Elecraft's PTT & CW jacks in sequence when operating cw keyboard with…


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Morse Code Software Regeneration : Linear verses Exponential keying test

Morse code software regeneration of a previously recorded wave file of a QRQcw qso over iCW.(

The VST PLUGIN doing the…


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Complete Ubuntu Morse Code CW STATION setup - CW Keyboard, Paddles, and Straight Key

Using Linux software , a CW KEYER, iambic paddles, and a straight key are demo'd in this video...all morse code instruments are ready to send cw at any time in "near zero" low latency so there is no lag felt when keying any of these virtual Linux software morse code generators with your actual hardware iambic paddles, or straight key...



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