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Ham Radio Remote Rig Audio over IP LAN setup using an ancient Raspberry PI 2b but with piOS Bullseye

Gstreamer provides the TCP/ip audio over ip streams to and from the RIG's connected interfaced Pi2b and the remote OP's PC here are the scripts used on the PI2B, the laptop's scripts would be the same with the…


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resonant CW SPEAKER using a 5 port PVC PIPE framework - LIVE demo

using different configurations of PVC PIPE(2 INCH Diam) to create a device that will be resonant, increase volume & the sound stage area, and just sit on top of one small speaker, (a radio shack communications speaker)

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30Khz CW Transmitter using a Bipolar Tesla Coil Ferrite Core Antenna that has tuned resonance @30Khz

experimental BiPolar Tesla Coil with a large massive ferrite core, that resonates at 30Khz, to act as a CW transmitter antenna...

CW is sent from a CW KEYBOARD that can send directly at 30Khz, goes out of a sound card that has a sample rate of at least 96Khz...the 30Khz CW output goes to the audio input of a cheap class D…


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passive QRQ CW AUDIO BANDPass filter using 3 series/parallel tuned Ferrite Rod Loopstick Antenna stages

SQUARE WAVE to SINE WAVE by a 3 stage CW AUDIO BANDPASS FILTER setup using 3 sets of tuned ferrite rods,  tuned similar in the way that an antique crystal wireless set would be tuned at the antenna stage, the passive bandpass filter middle stage, and the 3rd filter going to the 1st stage of detection...



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Raspberry PI 4: CLi Terminal Command Line software CW KEYER and CW multi-OP QSO'n over ip VOIP setup

USES TWO CLi Terminal command line APPs

1. chucK programming language for the CW Keyer, and CW Keyboard…


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QRQ CW OPs - copy QRQ CW using your hearing aid telecoils & this DIY Telecoil CW AUDIO transmitter

see previous video for this telecoil transmitter for more info in the 1st video description notes

uses 2 ferrite bobbin core inductor [telecoil transmitter] coils... something like one of these from:…


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HAMFEST HELMET VLF CW COMMUNICATOR - use Ferrite Rod loopstick Transmit Antenna on top of the Helmet

HAMFEST HELMET PORTABLE VLF RF CW COMMUNICATOR PROTOTYPE - FERRITE ROD LOOPSTick VLF RF 3.8Khz Vertical Transmit Antenna - powered by a portable 12 Volt Class D amp. (ferrite rod = 7 inch long & 1/2 inch diameter TUNED to series resonance at the VLF RF frequency of interest by the appropriate CAPACITOR)

A simple…


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QRQ CW Resonant Speaker using a 4 " diameter PVC ELBOW on top of a small speaker - loudest at 750hz

resonant cw speaker test by placing a 45 degree, PVC ELBOW over a small speaker

NOTE: the audio you hear on this video is coming straight from the WEBCAM's MICROPHONE

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VBAN_EMITTER now has jack support - Morse Code QRQ CW example - CW to an iPhone using VBAN receptor (this open source VBAN project has Jack Audio Connection Kit support)

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Raspberry Pi 4 - remote VLF RF QRQ CW Transmitter - LIVE Demo using the Ultragrid VLF RF over IP APP

BRIEF demo of someone sending 14.4Khz QRQ CW VLF RF over IP to a Remote RASPBERRY PI 4 and the Pi-4 RE-Transmits the incoming signal over to an indoor VLF Transmit antenna... a local VLF soundcard SDR Receiver Antenna picks up the signal from the PI 4 RE-Transmitter and mixes the 14.4Khz down to 780 hz QRQ CW Morse Code audio tones…


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