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YPLog QRQ CW Keyboard, a WINDOWS program - working on MAC OSX - using WINEBOTTLER - LIVE DEMO

brief demo of getting the Windows program YPLOG to work on a MAC MINI Mojave OSX using WineBottler

NOTE: a Gstreamer "audio over ip" pipeline was constructed, using the OPUS AUDIO CODEC, to send audio from the MAC/YPLog over the home WIRELESS NETWORK, to…


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QRQ CW TRANSMIT afcw mode - clean up harmonic distortion before transmitting using the FILTA plugin

Brief demo of using the FILTA LV2 plugin to virtually eliminate all harmonic distortion from QRQ CW edge noise, before transmitting in AFCW MODE

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YPLog CW Keyboard - QRQ CW over the internet test using Gstreamer's OPUS codec with CW audio bandpass filtering

this is a follow up test to the previous video demoN the Gstreamer PIPELINE code for a CW AUDIO BANDPASS filter.

In this video...not only is the previous pipeline used with its CWa audio bandpass code so you can hear your own YPLog CW KEYBOARD sidetone in near zero…


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YPLog CW Keyboard on Windows 10 - better CW audio output quality using CW Regeneration - LIVE DEMO

Brief demo showing the original audio output waveshape and sound spectrum output from YPLog's own audio engine...and then taking that original YPLog audio output from this CW Keyboard and Regenerating it to help improve the YPLog CW NOTE waveshape, edges, and audio spectrum.

NOTE: on video, the first text copied /pasted in yplog was supposed…


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Teensy LC board - The AD5DZ CW Keyer - K1EL K40 keys the TEENSY midi input - QRQ CW test at 150 wpm

test to see how accurate the MIDI INPUT keying would be on the TEENSY BOARD, TEENSY pins 4 & 5, being keyed by an external CW KEYER's RIG KEYING OUTPUT jack(K1EL K40 - in this example) using the AD5DZ software CW KEYER Teensy MidiKeyer code

Extreme QRQ CW speed test at 150 wpm from the K1EL K40 CW KEYER - keying together TEENSY PINS 4…


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